The great value of the landscape and the natural environment from Alt Empordà is indisputable. The fact of gathering together catalogued places such as Cap de Creus, the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà and Albera’s range in a single territory of 100 km2 makes this place becoming unique in Catalonia. Alt Empordà counts with a biologic and ecologic wealth that we should preserve. Protecting this biodiversity is a quite challenge, specially taking into account the high number of people who come from Catalonia, Spain and another European country to visit northern Catalonia every year.

Ecotourism, understood as responsible tourism of observation of nature, as well as nature tourism of minimum impact, play a key role in the conservation of wilderness areas.

Observing birds, to make a route through the woods, to participate in an activity of environmental education or to follow a geological roadmap are some of the purposes that allow us to give emphasis to the value and preservation of the natural, cultural or landscape ­based resources from Alt Empordà, meanwhile that they contribute to the local territory development.

The digital project Ecotourism Empordà was born with the intention of communicating these activities and other purposes of nature tourism organized by entities, organizations, companies and people who has become aware about the preservation of the territory, which allow residents and visitors to know about the natural heritage from Alt Empordà, from a sustainable and respectful aspect.