Mas Marés: organic vineyards in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus

There are places, which you don’t know why, but they transfer you a special sense of peace. And Mas Marés is one of these places. Nearby Roses but far away from its noise, the Mas Marés vineyards are a safe bet of Espelt Viticultors for the organic production. Discover a project which reflects love for the earth, for the soils and for the territory, and within it more than 3 km of dried-stone terrace have been recovered. Moreover, in winter months, you will be also allowed to see how cows graze before going up the hill, and further on, to see how beekeepers from Empordà, Abellaires Empordanesos, make use of the honeycombs to make its organic honey.

As a culmination in the visit, you can taste the Sol i Vent, their first organic wine certified, and matching it with artisanal cheeses from the area with a bit of organic honey made by the Abellaires. If you still want to discover more things, you can continue with the megalithic route which starts from the vineyards.


Length of the visit
Aprox 2 hours


Celler Espelt
17493 Vilajuïga


972 531 727 ​