Go up to the top and visit the modernist water tank Can Mario

Located in the city centre of Palafrugell, the Can Mario Modernist Water Tank is unique in Catalonia, an exceptional building at the cork world, singularity remarked by the fact of being a Cultural Good of National Interest since the year 2000. It was built between 1904 and 1905, project by the architect General Guitart i Lostaló and its metallic structure. It was built by Talleres of the Arquitecto Don Juan Torras from Barcelona.

The need of tanks to guarantee the pressure of the water in the cork factories in a period that there was not running water, made to proliferate this sort of buildings. But in all the Catalan cork sector there is anything than, further from its functionality, takes care of the image details.

The tank preserves elements of Modernism, as the spectacular work of forges, from the rail of the scale, that gives access to the top of the deposit and that goes up in spiral shape around the central body, to the capstone of the building. It is outstanding also the elegant distribution of the iron braces which gives it slenderness and a rare instance in this type of buildings, usually considered secondaries and with a functional appearance.

From the top of the Tank Tower you can enjoy of amazing views of the Empordà and specially in clear days you can see the mountain pass of the Perthus.


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Free for children under 12

Dipòsit Modernista de Can Mario


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