Living a natural experience in the base camp Tres Puig in Rabós!

It’s not easy at all to find a truly experience that, with the essential comfort, allow us to get a unique memento. You just need a special place, somewhere different without many people. It seems easy but… The team of Mas Tres Puig invites you to get into the rural life of Alt Empordà, without sweeteners, without ready-meals, just the reality.

In this nice area of Rabós, you will be able to do some actions and at the same time you will be in touch with the land and the animals, for instance to feed a lamb with grain directly from your hands, to brush a donkey’s back, to collect the hens eggs and preparing with them an omelette for dinner, to choose the best strawberries in the garden for having breakfast tomorrow, to rest in a Holm oak next to the river or to observe the starry sky before sleeping. And to enjoy the silence!

The tenant farmers will go with you during this experiences. You will camp in the middle of nature in its tents or as well be accomodated in the farm-house in the middlle of the village. From here you can follow some routes and discovering the Natural Beauty Spot of National Interest of Albera, where you will find dolmens, pit caves and you can also visit some monasteries and wine-cellars that produce ecological wine!

From 10€

Mas Tres Puig
Ctra.Rabós-Vilamaniscle s/n.
17754 Rabós d’Empordà


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