Route of the exile La Jonquera, Agullana & La Vajol: The culture as a tool of resistance

The end of the Spanish Civil War supposed that all the country remained submerged in social and political economic underdevelopment, which would last decades to recover. In the world of the culture, this underdevelopment was still more dramatic, since literature, as well as the rest of cultural and artistic demonstrations in Catalan, would remain sentenced most of the time to secrecy. The Exile played a main role in the dissemination and conservation of the Catalan culture, producing for the foreigner everything that the Francoist Spain had been banning during all the dictatorship. The Center for the Interpretation of the Cultural and Catalan Exile, located in Agullana, offers a clarifying vision of the importance of the Catalan cultural productions on the outside during the dictatorship.

The route begins in the MUME, next through Agullana and continuing to La Vajol, following the pace of the main political authorities and representatives of the intellectual world going up on foot along the way of the Coll del Lli (starting line GI505 Km 1,5  to 100 metres of the restaurant La Manrella) until the border with France (30 minutes walking). Finally the route can continue until Les Illes, first village in the French territory and setting of the Government of the Republic arrival, where it does begin its journey of exile.


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